Teddy Bear Theme Parties or Event Ideas for Kids

Big Teddy Bear

Organizing a party with teddies is a lot of fun! There are tons of adorable options to choose from, whether you’re hosting a build-a-bear party or a classic teddy bear picnic. Here are a few of our top teddy bear party suggestions to help you plan your celebration from start to finish!

Party Decorations & Invitations

Adorable invitations and exciting d├ęcor are essential components of every children’s party concept! Using card stock or thick paper, cut out the shape of a teddy bear and write the party details on it for a simple party invitation.


For every bear celebration, a teddy bear onesie is the ideal outfit! You may easily discover one you adore because they are very reasonably priced, very comfortable to wear, and available in a wide variety of styles. Alternative, dress the kids in their typical party attire and give them bear headbands with cute ears.

Party Decorations for a Teddy Bear Party

Is a picnic the best kind of teddy bear party ever? Not in our opinion! The best places for a picnic are your backyard or a nearby park. Use helium balloons, gingham picnic blankets, and adorable picnic baskets to decorate. When hosting a party indoors, adorn the space with gingham bunting and an abundance of adorable teddy bears.


It’s time for some activities and party games when everyone has arrived! These are our top suggestions. 

Bees in the Honey Pot

Make a few little flower pots or buckets appear like honey pots by decorating them. Create a few bees using little yellow juggling balls and add eyes to them. Compete to see who can get the most bees into the pots. Although they do have a tendency to bounce all over the place, yellow tennis balls are another option.

Go Past the Bear

A bear is passed around by the children in a manner similar to pass the parcel. Place the children in a circle, turn on some music, and when it ends, the child who is still holding the bear gets to go, but they also get a tiny present.

Chairs with Goldilocks Syndrome

This reminds me of the classic musical chairs. Arrange a set of chairs, one for every youngster, less one. Give a bear to every youngster and have them circle dance to some music. They have to hurry and place their bear on a chair when the music ends. In order to make them feel included, the bear without a chair is eliminated, but they get to select a little reward.

Teddy-Bear Party Activities

We’re Heading Out To Hunt Bears

Using craft paper, create some giant paw prints and label each with a number. Kids can follow the trail in numbered order by placing them about the garden or house. Every child gets to consume one sweet or cookie from a bowl that a bear is sitting there holding when they reach number ten.


There are tons of wonderful food ideas, especially picnics, that are ideal for teddy bear parties. To start, you’ll need teddy bear-shaped pizza or sandwiches. Honey sandwiches are the perfect way to really embrace the bear theme! Add fruit, delicious cupcakes, and ‘Pombear’ crackers for a lighter snack.

Lunch with Teddy Bear Sweets

These creative and delicious lunch ideas will satisfy even pickiest eaters and maintain the lighthearted tone when the midday munchies set in:

  • Teddy Bear Sandwiches: Using a bear-shaped cookie cutter, create an exciting main course by selecting your child’s favorite sandwich fillings. Additionally, whole grain bread packs a nutritional punch!
  • Bear-y Veggie Platter: Use bell pepper strips for the mouth, cucumber rounds for the face and ears, and cherry tomatoes for the nose to arrange sliced vegetables in the form of a bear. It’s a novel and enjoyable way to consume your veggies!

Additional thoughts…

If you’d prefer to use plain plates or napkins, use a bear-themed color to unify the whole arrangement. For instance, you may use balloons, dishes, napkins, and other items in that color if you chose a gentle blue. For the cake table, you could use a large teddy bear as a table decoration. Tie a large blue bow in the same shade of blue around his neck. An alternative cake design would be a Teddy Bear Cake, featuring a brown bear with a blue bow around his neck!

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